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From July 2014, Code Club Pro will deliver Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training to primary school teachers. Our sessions aim to demystify the new curriculum, explain key language and concepts, and provide useful materials to use in and out of the classroom. They won't be boring either. Just like our Code Clubs, we will learn through doing and having fun.

Courses start July 2014

Our courses

Preparing to teach the computing curriculum

The new computing curriculum comes into effect this September and for the first time primary school teachers will be expected to teach computing to children from 5yrs+.

We've recognised the need for widespread training and we want to harness our expertise and network to help by giving teachers the skills and support they need to feel confident about delivering the new computing curriculum.

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We've been speaking to a lot of teachers, and many have expressed concerns:

"I have no idea where to start, let alone how to plan cross-curricular lessons and activities."

"I haven't had sufficient programming experience or training to teach this. I feel like my kids are going to be ahead of me!"

How it works

Teachers & schools register with Code Club Pro. You tell us where you are, what training you'd like and how many spaces you want to book.

You can choose a private training session for your school or you can attend an open event.

Trainers get in touch with registered schools to arrange a CPD session.

The trainer creates an event. Spare spaces are offered to local teachers.

We have trainers all over the UK so we can reach as many people as possible. If we identify widespread demand in a particular region without trainers, we will set up an event to cater to this demand as soon as possible.

Please sign up below to let our trainers know where you are.

Over 50 accredited trainers
across the UK


Our trainers

Our trainers are programming and computer science experts who have been trained to deliver CPD in primary schools. Our training-for-trainers has been developed with leading experts in training delivery and pedagogy, is accredited by Computing at School and supported by Google.

Our trainers won't teach you how to teach though, you're the experts on that front. They want to help you understand computer science you'll need to teach, in the most accessible way possible. Eventually we want this to be a teacher-to-teacher model.

Once a teacher has completed all four of our CPD sessions, we will invite them to take further training to become a Code Club Pro trainer.

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We're not your average training company



Having taught over 30,000 children to code in the UK through Code Clubs, we have a lot of experience in successfully teaching programming to primary school children. Children choose to go to our clubs, and schools choose to run them, which means they really must be fun.



Our materials are written by primary school teachers and experts for primary school teachers. They understand best teaching and learning practices and how to get your classes to make oodles of progress in Computing. We believe children learn best through doing and making - this philosophy runs through all out materials.



We have created four modules that develop knowledge across the curriculum for KS1 & 2. You can simply take a single module, two or three related to the KS you teach, or all four. You can choose from Twilight, full and half-day INSET or off-site training. Delivery is flexible and we try to fit into your schedule, not the other way round.


Not for Profit

As a not for profit, we don't exist to make money - just enough to cover the costs of this training program and help us run Code Club. Ultimately, this means we tend to charge less than other CPD providers.