We offer three modules. They are each two hours long.

We offer flexible schedules and make sure each session is fun and engaging.


Feel more confident about teaching the computing curriculum


1. Teachers who want a comprehensive understanding of the computing curriculum at KS1 and KS2.

2. Teachers looking for practical activities and engaging resources that develop pupil's understanding.

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Computational thinking

This session looks in detail at the new programme of study. We explain core concepts such as algorithms, abstraction and patterns as well as a little programming using floor turtles.

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In this session, we start programming using Scratch and Code Club projects. We look at variables, debugging and iterative development, as well as cross-curricular coding activities.

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The Internet and the Web

This session explores networks and the internet. We look at the Web in more detail, including how to code using HTML, and how search engines work.

Our approach

Code Club Pro training sessions are designed to keep your attention, get you excited about teaching the new Computing curriculum, and practising your new skills as soon as possible. We believe in learning through exploring — we won’t show you a powerpoint presentation on circuits, instead everyone will make a piano out of bananas. We won’t be able to teach you everything you want to know in a few sessions, but we’ll give you the confidence to start teaching computing to your classes, with a firm grounding of the subject.


We've made our course handouts publicily available for all to use and share.

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Teachers 1

It was clearly and enthusiastically presented and I came away wanting to learn more.

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Ms Michael

Teacher at Kingsmead

There was a good balance between talking and interesting activities to do.

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Ms Betney

Teacher at Gayhurst Primary

The content was also very helpful and clearly made a break with the past ICT curriculum.

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Mr Shapland

Teacher at Kingsmead

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Our teacher CPD programme has been designed to support teachers to feel confident and excited about delivering the new computing curriculum. Informed and inspiring teachers help create great students who have computational thinking skills and have a thorough understanding of how technology works.

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