Become a Trainer

What you should know

  1. The new curriculum expects primary school teachers to teach coding to children from 5yrs+
  2. Most teachers don’t know how to code and they really need your help
  3. If you have computing skills, you can volunteer with Code Club Teacher Training to train the teachers

What we ask for (aka our application process)

We have a three stage application process to assess your suitability and interest in becoming a Code Club Teacher Trainer.

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Step 1

Fill out our application (a quick 5 minute quiz to test your computing knowledge)

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Step 2

Attend our volunteer induction training day

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Step 3

Volunteer eight hours of your time each year to train teachers

What we offer

  • Become a black-belt trainer & presenter with our professional development training course
  • Get a very shiny halo. You are helping to change the country for the better!
  • Expand your network
  • We’ll provide all session materials and everything you need to deliver engaging training and you’ll get full support from our team

More information can be found in the trainer section of the Frequently Asked Questions.

Become a trainer

  • If you've read all of the above and are ready to apply to become a Code Club Teacher Training trainer then fill out the application form. We're looking forward to meeting you. Good luck!
  • If you have more questions you feel the need to be answered before you apply then email